865. Support: What may cause the Topside Panel on a VS Series Controller to not work properly?

The Topside Control Panel on a VS Series Controller is water resistance, but not water proof. It also needs to be covered at all times when not in use. Harmful sun rays can affect the operation of the Topside Control Panel. With the topside buttons not operating properly, the problem can just be the Topside Panel itself or the main Control box. Water damage, long period of exposure to sun light, mis-wiring, or improper installation may affect the main Controller or Topside Panel. Incorrect installation may affect the warranty.

1) Make sure the topside cable is plugged in and seated properly onto the circuit board J1 connector. Try removing the cable plug, and plugging it in again.

2) Check the cable plug to see if there are any debris or water stains on the plug. If so, wipe clean with rubbing alcohol, and fan dry before plugging back in.

3) Check for any damages to the topside cable. Check for cuts, stripped, bite marks, or if the cable is pressed against something. Damages to the cable will cause this kind of problem.

4) If there is an extension cable installed, disconnect the topside cable from the extension cable, and plug the original topside cable directly to the circuit board to see if that solves the problem. If it does, the extension cable may be defective.

5) If there is a J2 connection, try plugging in the topside cable plug there.

6) Check the J1 and/or J2 connections. Make sure all the pins in those connections are up. If no, try pulling the pins up slightly to provide a better contact.

7) Also try powering down the spa for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then power back on to see if it will help to fix the problem.

8) Check for any water infiltration on the main circuit board. Water may have leaked inside the controller onto the circuit board and damaged on-board components.

9) Improper installation of the Overlay (sticker) can also cause a problem. Most Topside Kits come with the Overlay not installed. Installing the Overlay upside down will cause the display not to be visible. Not aligning the Overlay can also cause improper operations to the buttons or keys, and possible allow water to penetrate to the buttons or keys.

10) It is important to NOT disconnect the cable from underneath the topside panel itself. There are water resistance protective Gel under the topside panel. Disconnecting the cable from underneath the topside panel will cause the protective gel to move/shift and cover up the connecting pins. This will cause bad electrical contacts, improper operations, make the topside panel to not be water resistance anymore, and also void the warranty.

If the problem persist, contact us to request an RMA to authorize the return of the topside panel for an evaluation. Note that the problem can either be the topside panel or the main circuit board.

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