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Our SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack features one of the SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controllers depending upon configurations. The SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controller is built by Balboa for SpaGuts under strict inspection, testing regulations and custom upgrades providing exclusive features and high quality standards. The SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controller includes a digital topside control panel, M7 Technology, adjustable filtration cycles, Economy and Sleep Modes, temperature range with LCD digital readout, a 12V 12W light, and comes ozonator ready (electrically). The stainless steel high-flow heater has quick-disconnect PVC unions. Component cords plug directly into onboard amp receptacles.


View from the front showing the controller (front), pump/motor (behind, left), and blower (behind, right).



View of Digital Topside Control Panel and Accessories for SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack with 1 Pump, No Blower.



View of Digital Topside Control Panel and Accessories for SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack with 1 Pump and Blower, or 2 Pumps without Blower.



View of Digital Topside Control Panel and Accessories for SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack with 2 Pumps and Blower.

You can choose either 110V or 220V current and 1.5-inch or 2-inch pipe fittings. The pack includes a 48-Frame Side Discharge spa pump and motor with different horsepower options. Add a spa blower for only $79.95 more. The pack comes custom built to your specifications with all the components assembled together on a plastic skid board (pre-plumbed, pre-configured, pre-wired and pre-mounted) when "FACTORY ASSEMBLY" is selected. In most cases all your installer will need to do is bolt in your new spa pack, connect the wiring, connect the intake and discharge pipes, position the light, and install the topside control panel. Other competitors will send a "spa pack in a box" that is NOT pre-plumbed, pre-configured, or pre-mounted. This means all parts are sent loose for the installer to assemble and configure, which can lead to extra hours of assembling and configurations of the parts. Extra hours will lead to extra time and money.

If a "spa pack in a box" version is desired, choose the "FIELD ASSEMBLY KIT" option. This option will allow all parts to be shipped loose, where field assembly and internal controller box wiring and configuration is required for the installer.

The SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack has been certified by both Underwriters Laboratories and ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories), as individual parts, for your safety. Many other brands of spa controls have not been certified.


Free Shipping

Shipping is free in the Continental USA. Shipping fees will apply for Alaska or Hawaii (and outside of the USA). Promptly ships in 1 or 2 business days. You can track your shipment online. Contact us about shipping charges to other locations. Our spa packs are compatible in any area with electrical systems based on North American electrical standards (60 Hertz). This includes much of Central and South America, and many islands. Unfortunately, it does not include Europe (50 Hertz).


  • Your choice of 110 or 220 volt 60 hertz SpaGuts VS Series Spa Controllers depending upon configurations.
  • 220 volt require 4 wires (Line 1, Line 2, Neutral and Ground)
  • 1.5/5.5KW, 120/240V flo-thru heater with reversible water flow
  • Your choice of a 1, 1.5, 2, 3 or 4 HP two-speed 48-Frame side discharge spa pump and motor with 4ft cord
  • Optional second pump or circuit only with 4ft cord
  • Underwater 12V 12W light (light housing not included)
  • Ozone ready (Electrically)
  • Circulation Pump circuit ready (Electrically - Cord Sold Separately – Requires 25 PGM - Not Available for systems with 1 Pump, No Blower)
  • Safety features include Freeze Protection, High Temp Limit Protection
  • Economy and Sleep Modes
  • Filtration Cycles
  • Digital Topside Control Panel for the motor(s), blower, light and temperature
  • Topside Cover Plate, 8.5 inch x 3.5 inch (Not Available for systems with 2 Pumps and Blower)
  • Optional Auxiliary Topside Control Panel (Not Available for systems with 1 Pump, No Blower)
  • Optional Floating Remote Control Panel (Not Available for systems with 1 Pump, No Blower)
  • Amp Cords that plugs directly onto the circuit board.
  • M7 Technology (Sensors already mounted on heater)
  • No Pressure Switch (Allows vacuum or pressured water flow through heater)
  • Mounted on skid plate and pre-plumbed with your choice of 1.5 or 2 inch fittings for easy installation. (If “FACTORY ASSEMBLY” is selected)
  • SpaGuts' two-year limited warranty

    *Contact us for special configuration like setting up the circulation pump circuit, to request longer cords, etc (Additional fees will apply).



Our spa packs can be configured for any above gound portable spa ever built by any spa manufacturer. The total dimensions of a single pump spa pack are 26 inch wide, 13 inch tall and 16 inch deep mounted on a skid plate. In some cases our “Factory-Assembled” configuration will not fit in the space in which your current spa pack fits. If so, all you need to do is rearrange the individual components of the spa pack (controller, pump, blower) so that they will fit. Make sure to verify the space under the spa for fitment. Our spa packs can also be mounted remotely from the spa and placed under a waterproof cover, and MUST be mounted below the water level. Contact us for in-ground spa applications.


Configuring Your Spa Pack

Click here to configure and price your new SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack

Before you place your order for your spa pack, you will need to know how your spa pack should be configured so that it's right for your spa. This is not difficult, but it does require some checking of wiring and plumbing that you may not be accustomed to. If you are not handy with mechanical things, you should have someone who is better qualified than you to do this, because it needs to be done correctly. Unfortunately, since your spa pack is custom built to your specifications, we cannot accept returns because you specified the wrong thing. Verify to make sure your existing spa equipment is setup like our spa pack with the high-flow heater mounted on the bottom of the controller. If everything does look the same, proceed with the order. But if your existing spa equipment is different with the heater mounted in a different location or there is a different style heater being used (especially low-flow heaters), we recommend that you contact us for possibility on a special configuration.



If your existing spa pack runs on 220 volt current, you should order a replacement spa pack that runs on 220V too. Otherwise select the voltage that you will be supplying to the spa.

If your spa currently runs on 110 volt current, you should consider upgrading to 220 volts. This will, however, require you to change the wiring and circuit breakers between your home's electrical control box and your spa. With the upgrade you'll get the following benefits:

  • Your spa heater will be able to run while your spa pump is running on high speed. With 110V when the pump is on high speed there's not enough power left over to run the heater.
  • The heater will run at 5.5 kw on 220 volts versus just 1.5 kw on 110 volts, so your spa will heat up more than three times faster.
  • If your spa has more than 7 standard size jets, a 110V spa pump may be underpowered for the size of your spa. 110V spa pumps cannot be bigger than 1.5 horsepower. Generally a spa pump needs 1 horsepower for every 4-6 standard size jets.
  • Note that newer model spas may have 20 to 35 smaller size jets installed that still uses a small pump horsepower. This is because those smaller size jets have smaller orifice that allows less water flow (GPM). Nonetheless, you should select a similar size motor and horsepower pump as the original that was previously installed to get similar performance.

The spa pack's price is the same for 220V or 110V. If you now have a 110V system you'll probably be very happy with the improved performance of your spa if you upgrade to 220V.



An external Spa Rated GFCI is required. Your existing spa's wiring probably already includes an external GFCI since it is required by most local electrical codes, but if you do not have one, you must install one with your new spa pack. For 110V 60Hz spa pack it requires Line 1, Neutral and Ground. For 220V 60Hz spa pack it requires, Line 1, Line 2, Neutral and Ground. Neutral is required for both 110V and 220V in order for the spa pack to power up. If different wiring configuration is needed (especially for 220V with only 3-wires, No Neutral), contact us.


Pump Motor Size

The horsepower of your existing spa pump motor is likely to be clearly marked on the motor. We recommend you use a pump motor of the same horsepower as you have now and what the spa's manufacturer intended. However, if you cannot determine the size of the existing motor, the general rule is that you should have 1 horsepower for every 4-6 standard size jets. Some pumps may only have the amperage and voltage written on the motor label. You can also try to match the amps and voltage ratings. In most cases, we can help determine the horsepower of the original pump motor.

More horsepower is not better. Overpowering your jets with too much horsepower could cause damage to your plumbing, your equipment or even to you! Jets may be popping out! It is critical to select the right size motor for your application.

ALL motors are 48-frame size. Keep in mind that the 3 and 4 HP pumps require 2.0 inch plumbing for sufficient water flow. If the original motors are rated 56-frame size, you might want to consider going with the 56-frame size motor for more water flow. 56-frame size motors are larger and outputs more water flow, and NOT offered as part of the spa pack. To determine if the spa motor is rated 48 or 56-frame, verify off the motor label to see if it's labeled 48Y or 56Y under "frame" or "FR". Motors that are labeled "56Z" are not 56-frame motors. A 48-frame motor normally has a motor diameter of 5.5 inch. A 56-frame motor normally has a motor diameter of 6.5 inch.

Second Motor?

Many larger spas are equipped with 2 motors of the same size. If you have a second motor in your spa, you will need a second circuit for it added to your spa controller ($39.95 extra). We recommend replacing both motors when you put in a new spa pack, but sometimes you may wish to replace only one. For example, one motor had been previously replaced, or both motors are still working and you plan to retain the other motor as a spare. The cost for both the 2nd pump and the circuit starts at $300 - a savings of approximately $39.95 versus buying them individually.

If the secondary pump needs to be a different horse power than the primary pump, select to “add 1 pump plus the secondary motor circuit”, and then order the secondary pump separately at regular price.

A small number of older spas have two different sized motors. Unlike modern spa packs that run a single 2-speed motor, these old spas run a small motor for low speed and a larger motor for high speed. Most of these older spas have already had their spa packs replaced once, but there are a few still out there. If you have one of these consider your option to re-plumb and use a single motor the size of the larger of your two motors.

If you order a two-motor spa pack the first motor will be pre-plumbed, pre-wired, pre-mounted for the “FACTORY ASSEMBLY” option and will perform the filtering and heating functions on low speed, as well as a user-selectable high speed for running some of the jets. The second motor will be shipped separately (motor cord will be attached for “FACTORY ASSEMBLY” option) and will be plumbed by your installer to your second pump drain and remaining jet lines. Both motors will be exactly the same size and horsepower if two motors are selected in the configuration.



Spa blowers are also known as air blowers, turbo charger or bubblers. A spa blower is connected to a single pipe line, or an air line, and it blows air through air jets located on the seats and foot wells inside the hot tub. When a spa blower is activated, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner, and it makes eruptions of air bubbles just like a pot of boiling water.

With our spa packs you have the option to add a spa blower for only $79.95 more. It is recommended to replace an old blower and save now. Provided blowers on 110V or 220V spa packs are standard 1.0HP 110V, and includes a 4ft blower cord with amp plug.

If a higher voltage and/or horse power blower is needed, select the blower circuit only option, and then add the desired blower separately at regular price.

DO NOT add a blower if your spa does not have the plumbing for a blower. DO NOT install a blower to a water line or to an air venturi line.

If you wish to use your old blower with your new spa pack, you can select the blower circuit voltage at 110V or 220V.

If you wire your old blower to your new spa pack using any thing other than an amp plug you could damage the spa controller. This damage would not be covered under your warranty. If your existing blower ever failed, purchasing a new blower later will cost far more than you'll save with this $45 discount. (We sell new spa blowers separately for $124.95*).

We strongly encourge you to replace your blower check valve when installing your new spa pack. The check valve prevents water from back-flowing from your spa into your blower. This can happen when your blower is turned off causing it to literally siphon water from your spa into the blower. This backflow is not only dangerous, but will likely damage your blower and possibly the spa controller, too. Blower check valves should be replaced every 5 years.


Topside Panel

The SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Pack comes standard with a digital topside control panel. A Mini-Oval VL200 model Topside Panel (4.25 inch L x 1.5 inch W) is provided for spa packs with 1 Pump, No Blower. A Lite Duplex Digital VL401 model Topside Panel (6.25 inch L x 2.25 inch W) is provided for spa packs with the following configuration: 1 Pump with Blower, or 2 Pumps without Blower. The large Serial Standard VL700S model Topside Panel (9.75 inch L x 3.125 inch W) is only provided for spa packs with configurations of 2 Pumps and a Blower. Each topside panel has an LCD temperature readout and back lighting so you can easily read the temperature from either inside or outside the spa. If the VL200 or VL401 model topside panels are too small for the existing topside hole cut-out, the adapter plate (8.5 inch x 3.5 inch) is included.

Pump/Motor Location

Having your pack configured with the motor in the proper location will make installing your spa pack simpler. Ask your installer how your pack should be configured or identify the location yourself from inspecting your existing spa pack as follows.

The pump/motor will pull water from the spa drain fitting(s) and push the water through the heater outlet back to the spa. A pump/motor on the left will have its center inlet fittings facing left, with the heater/return on the right. Likewise, a pump/motor on the right will have its center inlet fittings facing right with the heater/return on the left.

Here's an example of a spa pack configured with the intake on the left:

Left-To-Right. View from the front showing the controller (front), pump/motor (behind, left), and blower (behind, right).

Left-To-Right. View from above the pack showing the controller (front), pump/motor (left), and blower (right).

Right-To-Left. View from the front showing the controller (front), pump/motor (behind, right), and blower (behind, left).

Right-To-Left. View from above the pack showing the controller (front), pump/motor (right), and blower (left).

If you make a mistake you will need to disassemble your spa pack and rearrange all the components to so that they will be in the correct sequence or run the plumbing to the other side. This is not difficult, but it is time-consuming and will require you to buy extra plumbing parts from your local plumbing supply store.

NOTE: Keep in mind that there are a few spas that has the pump sucking/drawing water from the heater. Since the SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack has M7 technoloy, the heater will work with either pressured or vacuum water flow. For a vacuum suction water flow through the heater, contact us to have the plumbing configuration sent unglued (this configuration is not available online). If you are unsure, contact us.


Pipe Size

There are two fitting sizes that you need to measure to match your spa's plumbing:

  • Intake/Suction (pump union)
  • Return (heater union)


Intake/Suction - This is the plumbing from the spa drain fitting leading up to your pump center intake. Measure the inside dimension of the plumbing not the union or fittings.

Return - This is the plumbing returning from the heater to your jets. Measure the inside dimension of the plumbing not the union or fittings.

If your pack is still installed you can either look on the plumbing for markings that say 1.5 inch or 2.0 inch, or slip a string around the pipe (not a fitting) to measure the circumference of the pipe using the diagram above to identify as 1.5 or 2.0 inch.

If you make a mistake, it's not a big problem because you can buy adapters, but getting it right will save you time in installing your spa pack.

Please note that our spa pack pumps and heaters come standard with 2 inch fittings, so if your pump or pipe needs 1.5 inch fittings we will add reducers (adapter) to your spa pack to simplify installation for you. (Additional fees apply for reducers).


Assembly Option

Field Assembly Kit: All components will be shipped unassembled, including the plumbing configuration. Installer to set-up, mount and wire all components, and gluing up the plumbing at the time of Field Installation. Installer to also set-up Internal component circuits inside the controller box for the pump(s) voltage, ozone voltage (if applicable), blower voltage (if applicable) at the time of Field Installation. Installation instructions and wiring diagram are included. Component circuits will be preset at the default settings (which varies all the time).

Factory Assembled: For only $69.00. Factory performs set-up, mounting, wiring and bench testing of all pump(s) and blower (if applicable) according to the configuration specifications you select during check-out. When you receive the spa pack, it will look just like the photo shown on our website (based on configuration); pre-plumbed, pre-assembled on a skid base, pre-wired, pre-tested and ready to go. Best value for most installers; saves time and prevents costly installation errors.

Warranty Option

Our SpaGuts brand spa packs comes standard with a 2-year limited warranty. This 2-year limited warranty covers parts and labor at the factory for the controller and topside control with heater, pump(s) and motor(s), and the blower. NOTE that the included warranty only accounts for the blower and secondary pump that is added from the Spa Pack ordering page. (Items that not part of the Spa Pack have their own warranty).

You may choose the extended 1-year limited warranty, making it a total of 3-year, only offered at this time, and at a discounted price of $29.95. Best Value!


Converting from a Pneumatic Spa Pack?

Click here to configure and price your new SpaGuts VS Series Electronic Spa Pack

Converting from a pneumatic spa pack to an electronic spa pack is simple. In most cases, you'll only need to replace the old air button controls with the new digital topside panel. Cutting a hole for the new topside panel may be required. An adapter plate may also be required if the existing hole cutout is larger than the provided topside panel.


Along with your spa pack purchase you will have the opportunity to buy discounted accessories. These discounts are available only when ordered with your spa pack. These are:

  • EZ Install Kit
    Everything you need to connect your new spa pack's plumbing to your spa.
  • Spa Light Upgrade, the ColorGlo Sparkler
    An array of underwater microprocessor controlled lighting effects.
  • Hayward Inline Filter System
    If your old filter system is getting hard to use or to find replacement filters for, now is the best time to replace it. We also offer Waterway brand filter systems
  • Gate Valves (Pair)
    If your gate valves are getting hard to open and close, there's no easier time to replace them. And if your spa doesn't have gate valves, get them now. They make working on your spa much easier.
  • Spa Side Disconnect with GFCI
    For your own safety, and to comply with most local electrical codes, you need a GFCI disconnect.
  • Blower Check Valve
    Check valves should be replaced every 5 years and there's no easier time to do it than when you are replacing the spa pack.
  • Balboa Ultrazone Sanitation System, Ozone Kit
    Sanitizing with ozone make for a much nicer spa experience. And it pays for itself with the savings on chlorine or bromine.
  • Spa Frog Floating System
    Put the AAAHH in Your Spa! Let the Spa Frog® Floater do the Job For You!



For many people the process of selecting a spa pack raises a number of questions. Feel free to contact us. (Especially for Special Configurations)

Please note that we cannot configure a spa pack based on the brand name and model number, as some spa manufacturers have used the same model number for multiple spa configurations.

Ready to Order?

Once you've determined how to configure your spa pack, you're ready to order. Please double check everything. We are custom building this spa pack for you to your specifications based only on the setup we offer. If you make a mistake you'll need to reconfigure your spa pack so that it will fit your spa, which will require buying plumbing adaptors and maybe even another pump.

Our online spa pack ordering process will guide you through the process of providing us with your specifications and ensure there is no error in transmitting your specifications to our factory for building your custom spa pack.


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