430. Moisture inside Command Center temp display.

Regarding the Command Center having moisture in the temperature display, please check the following: 1) If the topside label was not sealed (put on) properly you can have moisture under the label. Make sure the sticky label is sealed properly. Remove the label to see if moisture is under the red film or if moisture is inside the Command Center housing. (A new sticky label may be needed if removed) If moisture is in Command Center housing: 1) Unit not sealed properly -- gasket not aligned correctly, strain relief on Topside not torque to spec. 2) Other possible cause would be a broken casing allowing hot air to enter inside the Command Center. Sometimes the topside hole cut-out is too small that the installer may have to force the unit into the hole which will stress the housing. For analysis request for an RMA to authorize the return of the Command Center back to SpaGuts to be evaluated.
Categories: Technical Support Before Purchase Questions
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