520. Support: Balboa topside displaying Dry or Dr

The (Dr or Dry) Fault has occurred 3 times in a row without a successful Heating Cycle and Spa Functions are Disabled. There is Not enough Water in the Heater to Start it. After the Problem has been Resolved, you Must Press Any Button to Reset and Restart Heater Start Up. Check for Water Level, Flow Restrictions, Closed Valves, Air Bubbles, and Pump Prime. If either A or B Sensor gets 4°F (2.0°C) or More above the Pre-Heating Temperature at any time during this wait, a Dry Heater fault is produced immediately, Indicating a Possible Dry Heater, or Not enough Water in the Heater to Start it. Heating is Disabled for 15 Min. or Press Any Button to Reset and Restart Heater Start Up. If the panel has a Heat LED, it comes on "shimmering" for this stage. Check the following Conditions: 1. Low water flow (GPM). Make sure there is at least 25 GPM flowing through the heater. 2. Low Water Level. If water is low in the tub, fill up to the required level. 3. Blocked Suction Fitting. Check for clogs and restrictions. 4. Blocked Skimmer. Check for clogs and restrictions. 5. Dirty Filter. Replace filter if dirty or is more than 3 months old. 6. Too Many Closed Jets. Open up all jets from diverter valves. 7. Closed Slice Valve or Gate Valve. Check internally to see if they are really opened. 8. Heat Related Pump Not Running. Possible a bad pump, wrong voltage or no voltage supply to pump. 9. Make sure the Heat Relate Pump is connected to the correct circuit per the wiring diagram. 10. Heat Related Pump Not Primed. Prime the pump to relieve air lock. 11. Malfunctioning Impeller. Check the pump. 12. Incorrect Heat Related Pump. Water flow must be 25 GPM. 13. Circ System Misconfigured. 14. Sensor Malfunction.
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