162. Support: Command Center not working (Intial Installation).

There are several reasons why the Command Command is not working, or the display does not light up. - Check to make sure the 6-pin plug is connected to the controller. And make sure there is power being supplied to the spa. NOTE: Our Topside Command Center does not require the flat pin (ground connection) since the Command Center is a waterproof unit. That is why the flat pin is missing on the plug. This does not affect the performance of the Command Center. - Check to make sure the controller outputs the correct voltage to the Command Center. We mainly supply only the 120V unit. If your controller outputs 12V or 240V to the 6-pin female receptacle, that may be the problem. An installation guide is provided with the unit that has a pin layout showing wire locations. Have an Electrician verify that there is 120V between the White and Black wires off the 6-pin receptacle. If there is no power or insufficent power, either the controller has no power, controller not wired properly, or you ordered the wrong Command Center. The Red wire is what turns on/off. When the thermostat temperature dial is turn down below ambient temperature, the Red wire turns off (0V). When the thermostat temperature dial is turn up above ambient temperature, the Red wire turns on (120V). It is possible that the thermostat is not outputting the voltage through the Red wire, or there is a lost connection inside the controller box (not from the topside). This Red is typically wired to a contactor or relay that powers the low speed pump and heater. - Some controllers may not be wired correctly to work with the Command Center. The blower may need to be on in order for the temperature display to light up. If this the case, then the Orange wire (temp display wire) is wired to the wrong location. Sounds like the Orange wire is wired to the blower switch and not to a direct constant hot line. Have an Electrician relocate the Orange wire off the 6-pin receptacle to a constant 120V (Line 1). Do Not cut the Topside Command Center cord. Modification is to be made inside customer's main spa control box. Note: The old controller may not have a temperature display, or may be wired differently. Make sure the orange wire inside your original main spa controller (Not the Command Center) is wired to a constant 110V supply. IMPORTANT: If the temperature display on the Command Center does not light up, the heater will also not work. So make sure the Orange wire inside your original main spa controller (Not the Command Center) is wired to a constant 110V supply. - The other reason why the display may not light up is because the backing for the overlay was not removed from the overlay before it was installed. If this is the case, peel off the back layer. - If any air button is not turning on the jets, blower, or light, make sure air tubings are connected from the back of the air button to the controller air switch. Use 1/8 inch air tubing at max length of 9 feet. Or use 1/16 inch air tubing at max length of 25 feet. If the Command Center is installed, plugged in, or damaged, it is not returnable. If everything checked out good and all inspections are verified by an Electrician, contact us for an RMA to authorize the return of the Command Center for inspection.
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