482. Support: How to install a new replacement temperature sensor on the Electronic Controller.

Installation of a New Replacement Temperature Sensor: Shut Off Power Completely to the spa or hot tub. If the old temperature sensor is installed, follow that temperature sensor cable to the circuit board. Otherwise refer to the wiring diagram to locate the temperature sensor connection. Gently move any wires to the side that gets in the way (do not disconnect or damage other wires or components). Look at the way how the connector is positioned. This will help when installing the new temperature sensor. Hold onto the temperature sensor connector with your index finger and thumb and wiggle the connector out (a needle nose plier and flat head screw driver can be used for easy removal). If it's hard to remove, use a flat heater screw driver to help ply up the connector. Do not pull on the temperature sensor cable to remove. This will only allow the wires to just come off. Plug in the new temperature sensor connector back onto the circuit board. Make sure to connect in the same position as the previous. The connector will only be seated one way. Make sure the connector is properly seated without any wires loose. The temperature sensor bulb is recommended to be installed in the clear thru-wall thermowell (may be clear blue or black in color) that is provided with the controller or spa pack. This is for accurate temperature measurement. If you prefer to install the temp sensor in an In-Line thermowell on the plumbing lines, make sure there is a dry well installed. The temp sensor probe should NEVER get wet, or you'll damage the sensor. Keep in mind that if the temp sensor is installed in the plumbing lines, there will be a +/- of 5 degrees difference in temperature readout. You can also install the temperature sensor bulb under the metal cover plate of the heater tube. The stainless steel heater has a metal cover plate with a wingnut to hold the plate in place. Find a spot under the cover plate to install the temperature sensor. Tighten the wingnut to secure the temperature sensor under the metal plate. Note: Temperature readout is not as accurate as the Tru-wall thermowell. IMPORTANT: The temperature sensor bulb should never get wet for long period of time. Not even the tip of it should get wet. Dry immediately whenever wet. Wet sensor bulbs will allow the temperature sensor to provide false reading, and will also permanently get damaged. Damaged temperature sensor either physically or by water damage is not covered under warranty.
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