100. Support: My motor comes on in high speed for circulation and heating mode, and on low speed when pushing jet control button (CS-Series)

If the motor connected to Spaguts CS-Series Controller comes on in high speed in circulation and heating mode but pushing the jet control button changes the motor back to low speed, the most likely cause is that the two speed wires are reversed at the motor. Please refer to the owner's manual for wire identification. Reversing the low and high speed wires from the back of the motor should resolve the issue. Do Not swap the wires inside the controller box, warranty will be affected. Our controller's RED motor cord has 4 wires: Green for ground, White for common, Black for high speed, and Red for low speed. You might want to try switching the black and red wires from the motor end. Most common fault is when customer wired the same colored wires to the existing motor cord wires without verifying. Customer may have also used the same motor cord originally installed on the pump. Additionally, on a pneumatic controller it is possible to have left the motor on high speed when exiting the spa, which will cause the unit to always come back on or stay in high speed. To correct this, simply turn off the motor or if in jet mode, return to low speed before exiting.

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