304. Support: Now nothing works off the CS-Series Electronic Controller. No display, and no functions from any components.

You have reported that now nothing works off the CS Series Electronic Controller. No display, and no functions from any components. - Sometimes, there may be a power surge at your location. Make sure all breakers and GFCI's are turned off and turned back on. Then verify that there is either 110V or 220V supplied to the spa (according to the equipment specification). Make sure all incoming lines are good. We recommend having an electrician verify the power supply. Check voltage between the following on the power terminal block: Line 1 and Line 2, Line 1 and Neutral, Line 2 and Neutral, Neutral and Ground. - With the power OFF, check to make sure all power wires are tighten down from the White Power Terminal Block. Loose screws on the White Power Terminal Block may cause the wires to overheat. This may burn the wires and terminal block. There should be 4-dedicated wires installed on the White Power Terminal Block. Unless it's 110V power supply which requires a jumper wire from Neutral to Line 2 terminal connection. With the power turned back ON, have an Electrician to verify that correct power is supplied. Take measurement from the White Power Terminal Block between Line 1 and Line 2 terminal. For 110V supply, the voltmeter should display 110V+. For 220V supply, the voltmeter should display 220V+. If very low or no voltage is displayed, then there is a problem with the power supplying to the controller. Double check power supplying to the spa. The problem may be a loose wire or a bad GFCI/breaker. - With the power OFF, verify to make sure the Topside Keypad cable connector is properly seated on the circuit board. If the cable connector is lifted or the wires came loose from the cable connector, the topside will not show any display or may not work properly. Also make sure the topside cable is not damaged in any way. A cut or bent topside cable can affect the topside's operation. Try unplugging the topside cable from the board and reconnect to see if that fix the problem when powered back up. DO NOT pull on the topside cable. Grab on the cable connector and wiggle to loosen. A flat head screw driver may be used to help lift up the cable connector. - With the power OFF, first thing to check is the transformer fuse (F4). This is a small clear glass fuse that is rated 750 mA 250V. If this fuse is blown, nothing will work at all. This fuse supplies power to the circuit board to turn on all electrical outputs. If the fuse is blown, replace with the exact same fuse rating. Also make sure the fuse is properly seated in the fuse holder. Sometimes the fuse holder may be spread open allowing no contact with the fuse. Have an Electrician verify that there is 110V measuring across both side of the transformer fuse holder when the power is turned ON. The transformer fuse may also be located on the circuit board above the big black transformer, or near the White Power Terminal Block. Verify the location of the 750 mA fuse (usually at F4) from the wiring diagram provided. - Spaguts Spa Controllers and Packs are universal and requires a dedicated Neutral Line installed. If a Neutral Line is not installed, the system will not work properly or not work at all. Have an Electrician verify that a dedicated Neutral Line is installed properly. When measuring voltage between Neutral and Ground, there should be zero voltage. If voltage is displayed, then that Neutral Line is not a Neutral. It is a live power line installed, and may have blown the transformer fuse, damage the circuit board, or 120V components that are plugged onto the controller. Of course it will affect the warranty. - If a dedicated Neutral is installed properly, measuring voltage between Line 1 and Neutral will provide 110V+. And measuring voltage between Neutral and Ground will provide zero voltage. - Verify that all fuses are good with an ohm or voltage meter. - Next important step is to verify that the transformer cable connectors are properly seated. Look at the wiring diagram provided. It will identify the location of both connectors. Also make sure the wires on the connectors are not loose or damaged in any way. Report damaged and loose wires that came out of the connectors. Do Not attempt to repair. - Also check the software micro chip to make sure it is seated properly. The software micro chip is black, has a small label on it, is rectangular and about 1.5" long x 0.56" wide, and located below the transformer. It may have slightly lifted off the socket due to vibration during shipping or installation. Gently push on the software micro chip to make sure it is seat properly. Do not over do it, or the circuit board may get damaged. (Also MAKE SURE you are properly grounded to avoid static discharge damage to the software chip) - Other problems may be burnt marks, or water infiltration. If water infiltrated the circuit board, it will create a short circuit. Water infiltration will affect the warranty. Other problems can just be some bad components on the circuit board. Once everything is verified by a Certified Spa Technician or a Licensed Electrician that everything checks out good and the spa is still not working, contact us back. We can then issue an RMA to authorize the return of the main Spa Controller with heater attached and Topside Keypad for inspection.
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