92. Support: Why does the light on my ozonator stay on all the time on the SpaGuts CS-Series?

On Spaguts CS-Series Controllers, the ozone circuit is setup to operate with the primary pump low speed. This means that whenever the primary pump is on low speed, the ozone unit will be active. For the ozone circuit to follow this operation, the voltage of the ozone circuit must be the same voltage as the primary pump circuit. If the voltage of the ozone and primary pump circuit is not the same, the ozone circuit will be active all the time. EXAMPLE: The pump on your spa is rated 220V, but the ozone unit that you are using is rated 110V. If the ozone unit is on all the time, this won't harm the ozone unit or the environment. Any ozone gas that is produced and not used will evaporate and turn into air. The only concern would be that the ozone unit being on all the time, may wear out the CD chip or UV light quicker. Keep in mind that larger spas or frequently used spa may need more ozone injection. Most system with a 24-hour circulation pump, the ozone will always be active. There are three other different ways that an ozone circuit can be setup: 1. Have the ozone and pump circuit at the same voltage, so that the ozone unit will turn on and off with the primary pump low speed. You will need to change your ozone unit to have the correct voltage rating as the primary pump. Once you have obtained the correct voltage ozone unit, contact us back for instructions on converting the ozone circuit to the required voltage setting. (For the sample mentioned above: The pump is rated 220V. Therefore the ozone unit needs to be rated 220V, and the ozone circuit needs to be converted to 220V). 2. Setup the ozone circuit to only be active during the filtration cycle. The ozone unit will not turn on whenever the pump low speed is active. The ozone unit will only be active when the system is in filter cyle mode which also calls for the pump low speed to turn on. If this setup is requested, your controller must have the S-Class circuit board installed. Provide us with the CODE number listed on top of the controller to verify if the S-Class circuit board is installed. (Note: This application only applies to the CS Series Electronic Controllers) 3. Setup the ozone circuit to be active whenever the pump is on, either low or high speed. If this setup is requested, contact Tech Support for instructions. (Note: This application only applies to Pneumatic Controllers)
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