317. Support: Possible clicking noise from pump motor or controller.

- First check closely under the spa to ensure the clicking noise is coming from the pump motor or the main spa controller. - If clicking noise is coming from the main spa controller, it is possible that there may be an air lock in the plumbing lines. Contact us if so, so we can send you the air bleeding guide. Don't allow the clicking noise to continue. Turn the power off until you get help. - If the clicking noise is coming from the pump motor, then it is possible that the pump motor's thermal protection switch is engaging. Either the motor is not getting constant correct power, the motor is overheating, air in the plumbing line, low water flow, or the motor is malfunctioning. If water got inside the pump motor, that may be why the motor is clicking on/off. Contact us back with your findings.
Categories: Technical Support Before Purchase Questions
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