405. Support: Topside installation for the CS-Series and M-Series Electronic Spa Controllers

TOPSIDE INSTALLATION FOR THE CS-SERIES AND M-SERIES CONTROLLERS: NOTE: An installation manual with wiring diagram are provided with our spa controller kit purchase. Please refer to it, and/or follow the instructions below for topside only purchases. 1) If there is an existing topside hole cut-out, make sure it is not larger than the new electronic topside keypad. This is to prevent water from leaking through and infiltrating electrical components under the spa cabinet. If the original topside panel has a larger hole cut-out, you'll need to add an adapter plate. We have one that measures 8.5" x 3.5". Go to this link to see the cover plate: http://www.spaguts.com/Product.aspx?ID=87. If the hole cut out is larger, you will have to make your own larger cover plate. 2) If there is no hole cut-out for the electronic topside, use the provided paper template (only provided with controller kit purchases) to cut-out a hole for the CS Series or M Series electronic topsides. Dimensions of the hole cut-out can also be found in the Installation Manual. The K-18 topside panel requires a hole cut out of 2.625" x 1.0". The K-35 and K-5 topside panels require a hole cut out of 6.375" x 2.625". 3) Then clean the surface area to allow the new electronic topside to fit and seat properly. Feed the topside cable through the hole cut-out and run it into the controller box. On the CS-Series circuit board, there is a black 8-pin female connector near the bottom right hand corner. On the M-Series circuit board, there is a black 8-pin female connector on the top right hand corner. The end of the topside cable has a white 8-pin male connector. Connect the male connector to the female connector with the cable facing towards the inside of the circuit board. The connection should be an easy plug-in. Make sure the male connector is properly seated. Then put the topside cable on an open slot in the controller box so that the cover plate does not press against the cable that will cause operational problems. Damages to the topside cable from installation will affect the warranty. 4) From the topside keypad, remove the plastic layer that cover the double sided sticky gasket. Then apply the topside on top of the hole cut-out. Plumbing silicone may be used for extra water leak protection under the topside. Make sure the topside keypad is covered when not in use to avoid damages due to weather and long exposure to sun light. Also make sure the spa cover is not pressed against the topside keypad to avoid unwanted functions.
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